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"Build And Fly... THE FIRST FLYERS - The Toothpick Airforce" by Robert B. Elliott (ISBN 0-9650751-2-5) provides plans and techniques for building very small flying models of Pioneer Era aeroplanes. This book is highly recommended as a unique, rewarding and very enjoyable means of exploring the many successful designs of aeroplanes during the period. Included, among about 30 aeroplane designs and plans, are the Wright Flyer series, the Sikorski "Grand" four-engined biplane, the Voisin biplane, the Taube monoplane, and the Antoinette monoplane. This is a very well-conceived and well-executed book which will provide many enjoyable hours for folks who appreciate the beauty and wonder of Pioneer Aeroplanes. The "Toothpick" models fly wonderfully well. At $16.95 (plus $3.00 S & H) it represents a great bargain. Order directly from:

Booger Red's Books, Inc.
P.O. Drawer "G"
Clifton, CO 81520

Dealer inquiries welcomed.

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